Support rods for the 70


The 70 gets a trunk support rod

Another project item completed. Today I set about fabricating a trunk support rod for the 70

After whacking the ole noodle a couple of times on the latch I vowed to give this some serious attention. This one was a bit trickier. Mainly because it is way shorter than the front rod and the logistics of having to fold clear in order to close the trunk. But fear not! I got it.

Most new cars and trucks have prop rods for their hoods. And since there are literally tons of them out there I headed to my favorite resource for stuff like this Parts Galore. After browsing around I scooped up 5 that looked like they might have some potential. Once back at the shop the fun began.

I used one of the thinner rods [ I believe it was from a Ford Ranger ] it was sturdy enough and had a nice foot mount at the pivot end. After removing the factory kinks from the rod I massaged it straight and then played with the folding logistics. Once I had that done it was a simple matter to shorten it to the needed length and but a kink in the end of it for the locating hole. A locating hole was drilled in the trunk lip. The hole is not in the drain channel so leaking is not a problem.I was even able to mount a nice anti-rattle clip to keep it all from moving around in the stowed position.

Another project segment done. Maybe a hood rod in the coming days. More to come.


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