Cue ball shifter for the PT


I finally swapped the Cobra head style shifter for the cue ball style

After having the parts to do this swap for a while I finally got around to making it happen this afternoon. I grabbed a hand-full of metric tools and went at it. It isn’t that complicated but finagling the console shell over the parking brake handle is a bit exasperating.  It takes some wrestling to get that bugger out. But to make the re-installation  easier I did  a cut away in the parking brake trim slot to make that way easier. And it went in very nicely.

Newly installed cue ball shifter

Newly installed cue ball shifter

The actual swap of the shift  mechanism is about as straight forward as it gets. Pretty much a unsnap of the cabling and re-snapping it onto the new mech. And then a reassemble of the whole thing in reverse. Not bad and all in about an hour.

So, now I have a new cue ball shifter in the PT. And it looks way cooler than the leather bound Cobra style unit. So for now I will put away the tools and relax for  the evening. Tomorrow is another day and I will find something to attack.



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