This is not what I had planned!


I will be a spectator at this years Dream Cruise. The 65 has taken a turn for the worse

The nagging misfire has evolved into a severe no start condition. And with the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday and the 50th Anniversary Mustang Show on Sunday  the timing couldn’t be more unfortunate.

After another day of troubleshooting what I believe to be a wiring / ignition issue it devolved into a catch-POP-quit event. I am not sure yet as to what it is but with all the new parts that have been installed it has never gotten better. I will be digging deeper into the possibilities of an internal mechanical glitch of some sort but that will have to wait.

So it is with a bit of severe disappointment and agitation that I am going to park it for now, step back, take a deep breath and do both events as a spectator. While it should be less of a hassle it is causing me some mental trauma. I am going to do my best to not stress out over this. But I will try and relax and enjoy the shows on foot.  So this afternoon and tomorrow I will hang out on Woodward in the PT and park in Ferndale and see the sights.


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