Mustang Memories 50th Anniversary Show – I am in!


I am registered at the 2014 Mustang Memories Show at the Ford Development Center in Dearborn, MI on Sunday, August 17

I finally had my brain lucid enough to get my registration in for this landmark event! Ford has said it is going to be a bash and I believe them. So I decided to jump in and participate. They have my money and I have an entry. Way cool! Mustang Memories has been rescheduled so it is the day after THE WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE to let many of the Mustang enthusiasts  here for the Dream Cruise take a cruise to Ford’s Development Center and gather again. I am sure Mustang Alley will be full again with 800ish Mustangs on Dream Cruise day Saturday and most of them will more than likely reappear Sunday at the Ford Development Center.

I am really looking forward to this extra day of enjoying Mustangs. Stay tuned I will keep you informed.


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