More progress on the 54 project


A full day of work actually gets something done

After deciding to take a day and get some work done on the 54 I opened the hood and set about doing some work

I got the radiator mounted for good. A bit of finagling of the fabricated mount brackets for the 65 Mustang radiator got it where I wanted it. It still is canted in at the bottom but some slotting of the side brackets should fix that. To go along with it I mounted my simple overflow tank on the driver side of the radiator support and installed a new rad cap.  And a 160 degree thermostat should help alot. The next order of business in the cooling department is the layout for the electric fan. Brackets and wiring.

I know, I know. I have stated many times that electric fans are not always the best solution. But … in this case I believe it is. Since this is a fairly heavy cruisin car I will need all the cooling help I can get. A prime candidate for an electric fan. I have a single speed unit but may opt for the 2 speed Taurus unit if needed. You can see my tech article here.

The next chore was the water hose plumbing. Lots of 5/8 heater hose. I did have to get a 5/8 sized water fitting for the intake but it was easy enough to get. I layed out the heater hoses from the heater core to the motor and with a bit of cut and fit they went in nicely. I did add a manual shut off valve in the core line for simplicity sake. No need for a vacuum control valve. And I had to add a 90 degree elbow at the intake side to get it directed in the right direction. But for the most part it was pure cut and fit.

The vacuum plumbing will have to wait till another day. I am keeping the vacuum wipers but that is just 1 feed line. The rest will be for the distributor and I am toying with the idea of a thermal switch on the cooling system similar to the one on my 70 Mustang. It kicks back the advance feed if the car overheats. A way cool feature  to use on a street cruiser. I also had a similar unit on my  72 455 Olds motor. So this is not new stuff. Worth looking into.

Another major project for another day is running all new tubing for the brakes, transmission and fuel. It will be a whole lot of under the car time. And test and fit will be just enchanting I am sure. I don’t do upside down well any more so it may take a bit. But like I said that’s a project for another day.

So another day of work that went well. My hands hurt like hell but I am pleased with the progress. Another day will get some more done. So stay tuned!


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