My new headboard


I know, I know! What the heck are you doing making a headboard?

Because I can! That’s why!

I had a pile of leather headrests left over from the PT Cruiser headrest swap out. I was looking at them and thinking just what could I do with them. Well, I hit upon an idea to incorporate them into a headboard in my room.

My new headrest headboard

My new headrest headboard

So I rummaged through my scrap bin and came up with a suitable scrap of some premium AA plywood, a section of 2×2 oak and some other scrap plywood. After some quick measuring I ripped the AA ply and the 2×2 stock to size. A quick pass with a round over bit in the router on all the appropriate edges and it was all ready for a good finish sanding.   Next I did some more quick measuring for the stems of the 3 headrests and proceeded to use my press to drill out the mount holes.

Another bit of rummaging around came up with some self-priming enamel paint and it was applied to the AA ply in a couple of coats. Once the paint had dried it was time for assembly. Pretty easy actually. Some pilot holes and it all went together splendidly! A quick scrounge through the nuts and bolts bins got some mounting hardware and it was then mounted.

So another pile of stuff turned into something useful. Kinda! Sorta! Maybe! I like it. Time to go grill some dinner. SeeYa!



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