Parts Galore contributes more for the PT Cruiser


A Sport Stick and a rear spoiler to be exact

While I was out and about this morning I decided to make a trip to Parts Galore to see what I could rummage up for the 54 project.  I do keep an eye on anything new of interest. Such as PT Cruisers or HHRs. And while I was wandering through the cars I went to the MoPar section and there was a recent 03 PT Cruiser that had the sport shifter and also a factory rear spoiler. So I put on my gloves and proceeded to dismantle the console to get the Sport shifter.

Not a big task really. 4 Phillips head screws and a couple of connectors and a wee bit of seat maneuvering and the console shell comes up. Then 4 screws for the trim bezel  and 4 15mm nuts release the shifter mech. The quick release  clips easily release the interlock cable and detent cable. Up and out it came.

Now the spoiler was a bit crankier despite just having 4 Phillips head screws holding it on. A couple of them were a bit testy. And I didn’t want to strip them out.   I ended up having to make a second trip to get my industrial strength Phillip screw tools. But when I got back with these tools the stubborn screws turned loose in no time.

So it was a productive trip. Well, kinda sorta, didn’t get what I was after but did score the PT parts. So once I get the shifter cleaned up I will install it some time this weekend. The spoiler is a dark gray color so it  will need a scuff, prime and paint to be match the black on my PT. But nothing earthshaking. It’s always something. I will fill you in when I get them installed.

Have a Happy and safe 4th of July!



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