The 65 is back together!


All the pieces parts are back in their appropriate places

I spent the morning reassembling the 65. By the way, getting the exhaust manifold on is best done with the starter out of the way I found out. After some creative finagling on two bolts I gave up and pulled the 3 starter bolts, removed the starter, and all went way smoother! A direct shot at all the bolts on the manifold.

The exhaust manifold now bolts up like it should. With all the bolts. They did a primo job on the repairs to the two damaged bolt locations. Hastings has my vote! I only had one loose coolant clamp but otherwise it fired on the first spin. I am sure there will be a bit of a break in time but right now it sounds good. Once it gets set in a quick check of the valve lash and we should be on our way to some good cruising.

After a bit more run time I will do an oil change to catch any leftovers that may have gotten into the system during the tear down and restore. I went ahead and replaced the radiator cap too just for good measure. I may even get a new fuel filter for good measure. If we are going to start fresh let’s do it all right.

All in all it went well. I am looking forward to a good finish to the cruise season. Now on to my other projects!


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