A day out with “Crazy” Larry


It was a great day of relaxing and watching cars

The Downriver Cruise was great fun. I happened to hook up with my buddy Larry and his rat truck on the way down the Southfield Freeway heading for Fort Street. Once we established he was hungry it was on from there. We stopped at a local coney , The Busy Bee Coney Island, for a bit of breakfast and to chat and figure out the plan for the rest of the day. The wake up food was great.

Crazy Larry at the wheel

Crazy Larry at the wheel

Then it was on to find a spot to land and set up shop. A canopy and music box, we ended up on the South end of the cruise route in an open lot. And there we made our headquarters for the remainder of the day. After wandering the area , which was way packed, I went for a ride along on a couple of loops of the route. Great fun the truck is a blast to ride in, a bit scary but still a blast to say the least! We stopped at multiple locations along the route to check out the sites.

It was a nice day for cruisin and watchin the cars. Not having the 65 was not a bad thing. I must thank Lawrence Crawford for the rides in “the truck”! We had a good guys day out.

The cruise traffic was lighter than in years past but still lots to see and do. The Gratiot Cruise was a similar scenario. Light all day.  I am not sure why but that appears to be the trend.  But we have lots more cruises to go. With that one out of the way it’s on to the next one, The All American Cruise on Wayne Rd. July 12.



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