Update on the 65 head repair


The head rebuild came back spectacular

I picked up the head yesterday from the Hastings Auto Parts machine shop.It was excellent! And they were able to fix both the broken stud and the damaged ear bolt hole. Super!

During the tear down I was looking at all the other associated parts and made the decision to fix a nagging issue with the radiator. The last time it was serviced, over 20 years ago they did a crappy job of soldering the side rails to the tanks. Actually both top flaps had come apart. And since this is the mount point for the radiator I opted to have it repaired. Right , this time. I contacted an established local radiator repair shop that does classic radiator, Ferndale Auto Radiator Repair, and made arrangements to have it done right.  I should get it back sometime today.

And while I was at it I went ahead and put in a new water pump. Being a 6 cylinder it only has three bolts for mounting and with all the other stuff out of the way it was a quick swap. So now that is out of the way. While it really wasn’t giving me any problems I will clean it up and  keep it in stock as a backup.

The Down river Cruise on Fort Street is today!

2014 Cruisin Downriver

2014 Cruisin Downriver

Unfortunately I will not have the 65 ready for today’s Downriver Cruise. But Fear Not! Fred and I will hit the streets in the PT. I am sure I will catch up with more than a couple of my cruise buddies today so away we go! The weather is super and that will make for a long day of hangin out on Fort Street! Film at 11!



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