Trying to cure a nagging ignition stutter

65 Mustang Coupe

65 Mustang Coupe

My 65 Mustang has developed an annoying ignition stutter

Over the last couple of months I have been fighting a new problem that has appeared on the 65. It is what appears to be a stutter, or misfire, at speed. It is real worrisome when cruising at freeway speeds when you can feel it missing a lot. And has made me a bit nervous to take it out on long runs. I need to fix that!

At first we thought it might be a fuel delivery issue. We replaced the carb with another and no net effect. Starts way better but other than that it still stutters. The next thought was that the aging Pertronix ignition unit was a possible culprit. I went ahead and got another rebuilt points distributor and dropped it in. Timing is stable so I don’t see any issues with timing gears and the such. We will be taking it out for a couple of spins to verify that all is still the same.

I will be doing a simple compression test in the next few days to substantiate what I believe may be some burned or stuck valves. I am not sure but this is a definite possibility.  If the head is wounded I will get it reworked. With 80K it may be time to get it done. We shall see.


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