The 65 is getting a head job!

My 65 Cruiser

My 65 Cruiser

I have the head off and it is currently being redone at Hastings

After some waffling back and forth as to whether to get the head redone or not, I came to a masterful decision to just go ahead and make it so. I grabbed my tools and my tool cart and went after it. A wee bit of dis-assembly was required but all in all it too me about an hourish to get it clear and detach it from its’ home for the last 49 years.

On a quick observation after getting it out of the vehicle I did not see any big or glaring issues. There are a couple of bolt hole issues. Like a bolt that was broken off many years ago, over 30, and a stripped thread in one of the exhaust manifold ears. We will see if they can do their magic and solve both of them. The ear one is dicey but that’s why they are professionals!

So my job now is to do a cleanup on all the removed hardware and bolts. Some has been done before some not. So the wire wheel will get all the hardware cleaned up for  a smooth install of the redone head. They are saying 3 days tops for the turnaround. They, Hastings, have a good reputation for doing early 60’s/70’s heads and came highly recommended. So it is in their capable hands and I am waiting anxiously to get it back up and running . Maybe even for the Downriver Cruise on Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed.

So now I get to gather all the goodies, gasket set, antifreeze, and other stuff to put it all back together. Then it will be a test  run to see if all is better.

Stay tuned! Film at 11!


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