SAAC-MRC Show 2014


A nice day but a disappointing show

I went to one of the nice Mustang shows today and in the past years it has been an excellent show held at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters. This time it was way short of that. My first clue was that as I was going down the Southfield Freeway to Michigan Ave. you pass the main lot at Ford World HQ. As I went by I looked over and it was bare! I then snapped to question if this was the right day. I went ahead and got off on Michigan Ave and proceeded to the normal entrance for spectators and there was the signs and entry for the event. The area it was held in has been used in the past for spectator parking. Today it was the main showgrounds! The fee was nominal but I didn’t see good thing for the day. And while there was a nice turnout it wasn’t up to the last years.

Bob at SAAC 2014. Click to see the whole album

Bob at SAAC 2014. Click to see the whole album

The swap meet wasn’t big but I did pick up a few odds and ends so it wasn’t a total washout. So all in all it wasn’t a complete disaster. Hopefully the big blast after the Dream Cruise will be way better! We shall see.

Gratiot Cruise is next! June 14! See Ya!

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