Some new stuff for the daily drivers


A little something for both the daily drivers

I decided to treat myself to a couple of items that I have been looking at lately for the daily drivers. Nothing really earthshaking but I got them to help the cars along.

The PT got a new gray dash cover. These have been around for a while and I decided to get one to protect the massive dash area from the ravages of the sun.  I bought it on Ebay and it arrived very quickly. And the installation was straight forward . Unfold, lay on dash and that’s it!

The HHR is getting a new billet aluminum grille. Upper and lower. I have eyeballed these since I got the car and decided to treat myself to one. I got this on Ebay also It has been shipped and it should be here in a few days. I am looking forward to updating the front of the HHR with the kit.  Stay tuned more when it arrives.

Next up is a set of 4 point seat belt harnesses for the 70. I may also get some seat belt mounts to assist in the installation. Still shopping!

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