A day at the Bearing Burners swap meet


A bit windy but still a nice day out

And some new stuff for my garage

After getting up early and packing up he shop wagon to go out and do some serious swap meeting it was off the the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. This swap is always a big todo because everyone is antsy to get out and get their projects going. I am no different!

It is also a social gathering of gearheads. We all revolve in the same circles every season and you always run in to many acquaintances at these events. And today proved no different. As I was wandering the aisles for 5 hours I ran into lots of my cruise buddies doing the same thing I was.

In my travels I did manage to lay claim to some kool stuff. Well, at least for me. I got a nice set of aftermarket lap belts to use in the 54 project. I also scored an older drill press. The price was right and it is some really sturdy old school cast iron. I also got a way kool 60’s accessory Travel Twins Auto-trays in the original box. They are a bit gaudy but a way cool accessory It is a set of trays that straddle the back of a bench seat and give you a set of trays to picnic off of. I will use it at a show or two.

Now I did also happen across a 60’s Pachinko machine , a Japanese gambling machine. Kinda like an upright pinball machine. I do already have 4 and I may get around to restoring them all this summer. I will fill you in on these in a future issue.

So for now I am good and I just need to get a sturdy base for the drill press. Maybe a trip to Harbor Freight is upcoming. And a day or two and we should be up and running.

So long for now.



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