Why my HHR recall is worrysome to me

My 06 HHR

My 06 HHR

I am still waiting on the repair parts

But in the mean time I am driving it on a limited basis. I never had any issues with the ignition since I got it new in 06. But I don’t see any reason to dance with the devil at this time.

Why Every Driver Should Care About The GM Ignition RecallBy Kate Cox April 21, 2014

The massive ongoing recall of General Motors vehicles with faulty ignition switches (and the dozen years the company spent not issuing a recall) has made headlines, launched lawsuits, angered legislators, but many consumers who don’t own a recalled car have shrugged and said, “Glad I don’t drive one of them.”

Whole Article

Although I am entitled to a free loaner until it gets repaired I haven’t pursued it

Court To Decide If Recalled GM Cars Should Remain Parked Pending Repairs
By Chris Morran March 27, 2014

Earlier this week, plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against General Motors over the ongoing ignition-related recall of more than a million cars asked the court to issue an injunction that would compel GM to urge drivers to stop driving these vehicles until the repairs. Today it was announced that both sides will get to argue their position before the court on April 4. Whole Article

Despite the court ruling that they aren’t required to park the cars they are allowing customers a courtesy car until it is repaired.

Court Denies Bid To Keep Recalled GM Cars Off Road By Chris Morran April 17, 2014

A U.S. District Court judge in Texas has put the brakes on an attempt to compel General Motors to tell owners of recalled vehicles to keep their cars parked pending repairs. Whole Article

I guess I will wait till they call me and get it all done . I will feel a bit better when it is done. Unfortunately my opinion of GM is a bit weakened at this time.

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