Easter Productivity

Me on Sunday WDC

Me on Sunday WDC

Actually got some work done today.

After a lazy morning I decided to get some work done on the cars so I started to tackle the carb rebuild on the 65. It gave me  a bit of trouble last year at the Dream Cruise so I got a rebuild kit. I attacked it this afternoon. Since it is a Motorcraft / Autolite 1100 it is pretty simple.

After a disassembly and a quick cleaning it was back together in short order. Other than a small setting adjustment of the float and some quick initial settings of the quick choke and the choke plate, it was ready to go. So I plopped it on the car and then when I went to give the starter a turn the battery was run down.

A rummage through the shop turned up no charger. Then I remembered that I loaned it out. Duh! So I wasn’t in any mood to wait around to get the unit back I went to my work, O’Reilly’s Auto, and bought a new solid state automatic unit.

So for now I am charging the battery up in the 65 and probably won’t get a chance to run it up till tomorrow. So I will take the rest of this Easter afternoon to relax . More to follow once I get the battery up and running.

Stay Tuned! And Happy Easter!

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