The Garage Is Fixed


Finally the roof don’t leak! Excellent!

Bob’s Garage is good as new thanks to the repair crew. After arriving onsite around 8AM they immediately attacked the 3 layers of trashed roofing. They Stripping it off quickly and getting the peak area ready for putting in the new ridge beam. Once the inside rafters were braced the rafters came back up and with the assistance of a chainfall the walls came back into square. They then cut out the old 1×12 ridge beam and replaced it with a new bigger badder 2×6. It was a bit of a shoehorn job because it was a inch wider but they got it done. While they were doing that they also replaced the cross beams inside the garage  with 2×6’s. A serious upgrade from the 2×4 predecessors they actually added one and sistered one with an existing crossbeam. They are way better than the original.

They quickly got the underlayment down and put on a nice layer of green dimensional shingles. They even rebuilt a problem in the design that had been there since the beginning. The soffit on the rear of the garage was apparently an afterthought. Now I have a solid soffit. Thanx!

Now Bob’s Garage is in way better than it was. I can get back to work

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