Sometimes stolen cars do get found

Stolen car crashes into cabs on Beacon Street

Stolen car crashes into cabs on Beacon Street (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

And it takes a while but they do get found

Sadly many don’t end up this way. And these two incidents are a shining example of the fact that they are being sent overseas! And that is a trend that has been going on for years.

The first newsworthy recovery happened right here in Detroit.

DETROIT – A Volkswagen Beetle that was reported stolen from Tennessee in the 1970s has been found in Detroit. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said officers in Detroit found the 1965 Beetle during a document check on Jan. 30 as it was being shipped from Michigan to Finland. READ MORE

The other incident involves a 57 Chevy, a highly prized vehicle. Both by car fans and car thieves.

A ’57 Bel Air is one of the world’s most prized collector’s cars. This one was stolen from Wilson’s place in Clearlake Oaks not just once but twice in the early 1980s.

Wilson, who’s 65 and battling cancer, had long before quit hoping to see it again when, about three weeks back, a California Highway Patrol investigator named Mike Maleta phoned him from Southern California. READ MORE

Some times good things happen. While being excellent outcomes it raises a red flag for me in a couple of ways. But in both incidents you start to question the many opportunities over the years where the same information that FOUND and identified the cars as stolen was also available when they changed hands multiple times in various jurisdictions. And nobody caught it then.

With that said I still have faith in the system. Kimda. Maybe. Sorta. It does make me a bit more protective of my “toys” but I can only hope that this is the outcome for more of these prized possessions.

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