Some new website tweaks and cleanup


Cleanups are a good thing

And throw in a tweak or two and all is good. For now!

I took some time today to rummage through my site and do some needed code cleanup. And I also got around to fixing some forgotten pages that were way wrong, and I added a couple that I have been meaning to add. And to finish it all off I added some music and video clips to the mix.

If you haven’t visited lately you may want to give it a look see.

The work was done primarily in the GARAGE section. Most of the menuing in the HHR, PT and Clutter sections is now updated and much easier to use . I got the HHR and PT video pages up and running correctly. And for a special treat I added a couple of music clips on the PT Cruiser main page.

I even got around to fixing my Cruise Shirt page in the FIND ME section. I Had neglected it for a while. [ read that as forgot about it! ] So it is better than before but I still have some work to do. Like the rest of the GARAGE section!


My fingers are tired so I am calling it a good day of coding and updating. Time fire a nice shot of Captain Morgan and some TV time with Faye Dean. So long for now.

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