Newly Discovered Storm Damage to Bob’s Garage


Yep! The record snowfall has damaged my garage.

When I pulled in the driveway today to unload groceries I was looking in the direction of my garage and noticed that there was a very noticeable dip in the ridge of the garage. After getting Faye Dean and the groceries inside I ventured out to the garage to check it out.

Once I got in the side door it was readily apparent what was wrong. One of the lower stringers that go all the way across the structure was hanging off on one end. Another was only on by a 1/2 inch or so. The only thing holding it up was the crap ass riser going to the ridge beam. And upon closer inspection it turns out that the ridge beam is split in two locations. Then I decided to give a quick tour of the outside and when I sighted down the sides of the garage there was a noticeable bulge, about 4 inches,  in the middle of each wall. Now the big double garage door will only go up till it hits the sagging crossbeam. Not fatal just annoying.

So after a quick phone call to my insurance agent to find out what I was covered for and what my deductible was, I set out to shore up the existing damage and prevent any further disaster to the 65 and 54. A quick bit of brainstorming and I decided to jack the offending beams back into relative position and thru-bolt them in place with 3/8 bolts, fender washers and nuts. This replaces the nails that had simply been pulled right out.

All is stable for now and I have a claim number for the storm damage. Now it is wait and see when, where and how much this is going to cost me. If it gets too silly I will have to go about it myself. I already have a backup plan for restructuring the rafters and stringers with gussets and dead man beams but that is for another day. For now it is wait and see. And pulling the walls back in line will be a simple through-bolt through the double top plate and a come along.

So stay tuned there may be some carpentry in my near future! Bob Vila and Norm would be a great help right now! But we shall see. Stay tuned!

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