Getting a new set of irons


54 Redo 004No! These are not golf irons. They are bumper irons for the 54.

Everybody knows that I don’t play golf. And if you didn’t well you do now.

These are the brackets that bolt to the frame and are used to support the bumper. It is bolted to these bumper irons. The reason I had to find another set is because somewhere along the way I have misplaced the 54 originals. Misplaced is a kind word for LOST.  So now that I will be attacking my projects without being encumbered by a work schedule I have been gathering my resources to do so. I had even contemplated fabricating my own but I found a complete set on Ebay for a reasonable price. So now I can get the front bumper mounted back on. I will be scuffing and repainting the bumper  but that goes to the rat rod look. Works for me!

So stay tuned I will show them when they arrive. Bob


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