Refreshing day of rummaging through car parts


Car parts and fellow gearheads make for a good day out

For me at least. I needed it

215821801_80_804After working through the recent event of losing my job I took some well deserved ME time yesterday and got out to the 41st Annual Detroit Swap Meet, the big mid-winter car swap meet in Mt. Clemens, north of Detroit, at the Gibraltar Trade Center. I have had issues participating in this multi-day event, and others like it, because of this goofy thing called WORK! Well .. not a problem at this time. Way cool! Out I go!

This big annual  swap meet used to be held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds for decades. But with the State of Michigan closing of the fairgrounds it was moved this huge indoor marketplace north of Detroit. The weather was rainy and sloppy but …. the temps were 40ish so all oor accumulated snow pack from the recent storm was rapidly melting. No matter. The event was inside. And we are all well aware that inclement weather is not a deterrent to true gearheads! There was a very large crowd on hand. Nice!

As was expected I ran in to a handful of friends and acquaintances. These kinds of events have a sidebar trait of being gearhead social event. Even if you don’t get parts you see who is there. As usual Hagerty Insurance, my classic insurance carrier,  was there. Along with Cruis’News Magazine, a long time Detroit car publication. And that was an expected result.

I did take some private stash money along [ And Yes, Faye Dean knows about it! ] and did pick up some items along the way. I scored a racing switch panel for the 70 and some modular LED inserts for upgrading the taillights in the 65. So, all in all, it was a nice day! It takes your mind off the other events swirling around you. At least temporarily.

I will more than likely spend the day today tinkering with my new found treasures and relax.

Personal Sidebar -This is such a great feeling. My aches and pains are still around but my brain is in way better shape! I am well rested and way calmer than I have been in quite a while. Because of this my thoughts at this time are that I may just take this as a windfall opportunity and retiring may be a good thing. Dunno. I am still working with the details with my consultants but it sure is leaning that way. More to come.





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