Bumper cover redo


A little touch up for my grungy PT bumper covers

Nice and black

I have always been annoyed with the look of my center sections of my bumpers. They were a charcoal color and some where along the way some tape was applied. Rumor has it that it was on the early PT’s and was for the protective covering used during shipment. And subsequently after many complaints about the permanent tape marks they, Chrysler, repainted them. I got mine way after this but decided to do it myself. Only convert them to black not charcoal. I have never done this type of paint so this is going to be a learning experience. Some prior research makes it look pretty simple.

So I got out the tools and took off the front and rear tags and mounts, the backup light assemblies . Then a bit of creative taping and I was ready to move on. This is not really anything out of the ordinary. Just the down and dirty painting basics and some reading of the instructions. [ Yeah! I know! We don’t need no stinkin instructions! ] Grabbed the ole handy dandy PrepsAll and wiped down the bumpers to get of any grease and oil. Then it was on to the painting which was a a combination of a couple of light coats of DupliColor CP199 Adhesion Promoter and then a couple of light coats of DupliColor FB105 Flex Black Bumper Coating. Boy Howdy! That brought them right around to looking a whole bunch better. Now that I got them both done I am going to let them sit overnight to cure.

So for a job well done I will take a break on the patio and admire my work from across the yard! Sounds like a plan. Gotta go my Captain and Cola are calling me!

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