Faye’s PT get more stuff!


DSCN3462-300x225Parts Galore surrenders more pieces parts

Another bag of goodies for Faye Deans’ PT Cruiser

This pass at Parts Galore in Detroit netted another batch of nifty stuff. Namely some adjustable leather headrests, a passenger seat base and storage drawer and a dome light. Sounds like some goofy stuff but it all has value. Really, it does! Here is how it goes.

Adjustable headrests – It turns out that most headrests in PT cruisers are fixed units as were mine. It came to my attention that there are some out there that adjust not just vertically but they rotate too. After hitting up a couple of the cars at Parts Galore I came across one that had these elusive adjustable headrests. Click and pull, they were up and out. And in my cart. When I got home it was only a matter of seconds before the swap was completed. No real sweat here.

Passenger seat base and storage bin –  If you followed along in the blog earlier in August I put the storage bin on the passenger side of the PT. All PT’s have the slide rail installed in the passenger base. Not all have the drawer. But once I got a drawer installing the it is a simple tilt and push onto the rail. Here comes the the kool part. It turns out that while the drawer was never intended for use on the driver side a simple substitution of a passenger seat base front unit in place of the factory driver side unit allows you to put one there too! Sweet! It turns out that the left and right units both have the same universal drillings for mount and trim. Basically because many PT’s in Europe and Asia are right hand drive so they would be swapped!. A couple of 15mm seat base bolts and a pair of 13mm seat rail bolts and the units are swapped out. 10 minutes tops. And the new storage drawer is right at home under the driver seat. Excellent!

Dome light – What the heck do I need with another dome light you ask? Well, after rummaging around on the PT Cruiser forum I stumbled across an entry from a creative member. He documented how he used a dome light unit and embedded it in the rear hatch trim so that when you raise the rear hatch you have an overhead light! A great, simple and effective add on if I must say. So I will give it a go here in a bit.

But for now I am going to take a break, put the tools away and let Faye Dean try out her new headrests and storage drawer on a grocery run.

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