PT blackout trim and 70 reseating


Black out trim for the PT Cruiser and new seats for the 70 Mustang

A couple of projects completed

I managed to get a three day break and the weather was spectacular so I made the most of it. I had the time and the energy to finish up one project and jump right into another.



Hood emblem


Trunk emblem

Black Out Trim – I had started a few months ago to delete the remaining trim from the PT Cruiser because I liked the look. While cleaning it up looks wise it left the trim holes in an otherwise good body. I decided as a reasonable solution to just black out the trim and reinstall it. Now the front hood emblem is chrome plated plastic and was already removed so a quick prep of scuff and prime was easy. he rear emblem is part of the hatch release. And it includes the finger guard. It did require the removal of the hatch inside trim and a few bolts to get the electrics disconnected from the lath mech. No biggie really. Once it was removed then the same scuff and prime was done. It was a bit trickier to scuff the latch due to the latch design but it still got done relatively easily. A quick cleanup and a couple of coats of basic black and it was done. It all went back on nicely and actually looks pretty good in my opinion.


After a break in the action it was on to another project.

New seats for the 70 – A while back in August, before the Dream Cruise, I


Planted in the 70

seatbasescored a pair of new poly Jaz seats at a swap meet way cheap. A quick check of the dimensions revealed that they were very compatible with the factory high backs. Soooooo …. I made the decision to go ahead and get them in the vehicle. The plan is to reuse the factory slider seat rails and build an adapter to mount the seats on top of them. A quick rummage through the scrap bin netted some good square stock so the game was on. After some dimensioning [ along with some painful brainstorming ] I came up with a solution of a modified H patterned base unit. Some quick slicing and dicing of the square stock quickly got the cross members in place. Then some slicing and notching of the 1×2 stock to serve as the seat attaching face was accomplished. I did get all the pieces final fitted and was able to mock up the seat in the car. Nice match. The next step is to have a friend of mine buzz them into a complete unit and then i can drill for the seat attachment bolts.

So for now I can can take what I believe to be a well deserved break!

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