Dream Cruising with BzeroB 2013 – Sunday


Woodward Dream Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise party is unofficially underway!

Well at least this was MY kickoff day. If you don’t already know I take this week off and go out and become “part of the problem”! The day was cool and sunny! Primo for a day cruisin and hangin out with buddies.

My morning started early with a trip to Ford World HQ in Dearborn for The annual Mustang Memories All Ford Show Swap. Got there just after 8AM and it was already packed with show cars lined up all the  way around the HQ getting registered and parking. So I made a pass through the swap “just to look”. Yeah! Whatever! Ended up getting a set of Jaz racing seats CHEAP. Also grabbed a couple of vintage switches for the 70 and 54 projects while I was wandering the aisles. After my foray through the swap I grabbed a nice hot cup of coffee and made my way over to the car show and vendor area. I was able to check out all the manufacturers vehicles, then I wandered down all the car show aisles and even had a chance to say hello to my insurance guys at Hagerty Insurance. I took a few pics and then gathered my goodies out to the car and headed home for a day out on the streets.

About an hour or so later I uncovered the Stang and headed out onto Woodward. I headed out to the 13 and Woodward corner to check out the goings on. While the crew was light  early around noonish it got busier as the day went on. I caught up with one of my cruise buddies early on and we hung out for the rest of the day. And when Bill and I decided to call it a day at 6PM it was getting busy with both cruisers and spectators. But all in all it was a way Kool day for a Woodward Dream Cruise kickoff for me.

The kool event of the day was as we were sitting around and chatting I had the Music Box out cranking some tunes and as usual Bills wild early Chrysler and trailer always draws a crowd so we had a steady flow of people near us. Well …. Bill decides he wants to check on the update for the Tigers game so he gets his radio headphones out of the car only to find out that they weren’t cooperating. So we decide to switch the box to radio for the Tigers game. Once it was found the station it wasn’t but a minute or two before we had attracted a handful of cruisers and spectators all wanting to hear the game. So for the next half hour the Music Box was a main attraction. Not that I mind at all, it was just a surprise.

Me on Sunday WDC

Me on Sunday WDC


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