What the heck is that noise? Part Three

65 Mustang Coupe

65 Mustang Coupe

The consensus was I was sucking air somewhere

Well…. I was!

Well after a lot of discovery and guessing, mostly wrong, I may have actually pinpointed the source of the suspected leak. In my sojourn to eliminate intake leaks I had pulled the PCV valve and hose from the carb spacer and valve cover. When I got around to putting it back on I just happened to stick my finger over the exposed PCV valve as a quick test to make sure it had vacuum.Low and behold as soon as I covered it the popping subsided! I uncovered it and the popping came back! Looks like the PCV was not sealing quite like it should. Kinda like an intake leak. Well it was an intake leak. So temporarily I have eliminated the hosing and it is way better. Working on a fix but for now it is OK.

A unfortunate but timely byproduct of this whole thing was that the 7 year old battery decided to give up from all the start and run testing. Took it to the store and it sure enough was kaputski so I went ahead and got a new one. Don’t need any embarrassing start issues this week during the Woodward Dream Cruise! Stressful enough without that! It is my vacation so I am supposed to relax not stress.

Hopefully this will be the final installment in this chapter. So I can get to the other cleanup details before the Woodward Dream Cruise party unofficially starts on Sunday!

See you on the street!


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