What the heck is that noise – Part Deux!

65 Mustang Coupe

65 Mustang Coupe

Second pass at the popping noise

Spent most of the morning attacking the intake system on the wild chance that I may have a bad gasket leak. Well ….. No such luck. Cleaned up the whole intake section, including a good cleaning of the carb too. I took some extra time to check the hoses and metal lines for the fuel and vacuum. While I had them off I cleaned them up to make them a bit more presentable. Dream Cruise Time! They are all primo now. But all that work didn’t get me anything as far as the mysterious popping in the exhaust. But it does look better!

So the next attack is going to be a new cap and rotor. I discovered a whole bunch of metal dust under the cap and in the main section of the distributor. So a good clean ot and a new cap and rotor will see if I can put an end to this popping phenomenon.

Stay tuned for the next installment of What’s That Popping Noise!

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