The PT Cruiser meets Parts Galore


Not bad but could use some improvement

Faye deans' PT 2

Faye Deans’ PT

Faye Deans’ PT has been up and running nicely since the timing belt disaster. But with that said I decided to upgrade some of the things that have been lacking in it.

An excellent  source of parts is available in most areas of the country are the salvage yards. And here in the metro Detroit area we have a few of these self-service yards going by the name of Parts Galore. With three locations in the area it makes for a great day out to rummage around and see what is available. I was actually on a mission to grab some updates for the PT so I headed out, tools in hand and a bag for the parts.

After rummaging through a dozen or so PT’s I was able to snag an under seat storage bin, a cabin air filter assembly, a pair of plastic front door step guards and a passenger side arm rest assembly. Not a monstrous haul but none the less very productive. The next part was to get them back here to the house and get them installed.

Under Seat Storage Bin

Storage Bin

Storage Bin

This is a simple slide in bin that goes under the passenger seat. All PT Cruisers have the railing for this feature built in to the passenger seat base. So after a quick cleanup it was simply slid into  place. Done!

UPDATE 9.12.13 ***  It has come to my attention that you can also put this same storage tray under the driver seat! A simple swap of the same upper slide rail from the passenger base on to the driver seat base front assembly [ 3 screws ] and it can be mounted there too. It appears that the base frames for left and right are identical with the trim switched. So it looks like another trip to Parts Galore is in the makings.

The Cabin Air Filter Unit

cabinairfilterMany early PT ‘s didn’t get the cabin air filter unless they were the export model. But the kit is an easy and quick refit to put one in. Mopar offers it but I found one so I pirated it and installed it on mine. A few screws to remove the passenger cowl trim and then 3 screws to let the washer solver tank get shifted out of the way and it was smooth sailing. One plastic expansion clip and one screw removed the old deflector and was replaced with the cabin air filter housing. Then it was a simple job to slide in the new filter. Reattach all the screw hardware and Done!

The Passenger Arm Rest

This is a bit of a pain but well worth it. The arm rest itself is a breeze to install. One Torx bolt and that’s it. Unfortunately to get to that point requires the replacement of the complete left hinge plate and release mech. Technically just four screws to R and R the plate, realistically there are a bunch of trim pieces that have to be removed in order to get to these four screws! But with some creative jostling of the seat in the track to get access to the trim screws because of the center console, it can be accomplished. And one major screw is up under the leather side panel so you have to remove the seat back and release the upholstery on that side nicely to get to it. No biggie just some careful hand work. A bit of tedious work but it came out well. Everything works as advertised. Done!

Rear Step Plates

PT Cruisers have never come with step plates for the rear doors. And with the wide sills you would think it would bu not so. So the quick fix is to pirate a pair of the front step plates and re purpose them for the rear. The fix is pretty simple. You do need to remove the clips that are molded into the underside. Some cutting and sanding get the backing flat. In my case I decided to shorten them four inches and round the resulting corners. Kind of overkill but more of a personal thing. Once they looked the way I wanted I applied 3M moulding tape to the back. Then I prepped the door sills and it was then a quick peel and stick exercise. Done!

Done! Done! Done! and Done! Time for a break!


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