The PT Cruiser can’t cruise right now

01 PT Cruiser and 06 Chevy HHR

01 PT Cruiser and 06 Chevy HHR

The PT is badly wounded at this time. But it is already in the shop to be repaired. It appears that it broke the timing belt. And on this car you have to do a “face-ectomy” on the 2.4 motor to get to the belt and the associated components. And since I am not quite up to that I decided to send it to a local shop that can get the job done effectively. Parts are not an issue since I work in a parts store! [Well! Duhh!]

So after the trauma of having to recover it from the side of the freeway and getting it transported home. It was then a hunting expedition to find a shop competent to work on this beastie! It appears that on preliminary testing that there was no head damage, i.e. bent valves, but that has yet to be determined conclusively. Won’t know till they can get the belt thing fixed and then check it for damage. We are crossing our fingers on that point! The shop doing the work, Pride Auto Repair, is good with Chrysler cars so they got the nod after some references and recommendations from my commercial guys at AAP. So it is now in their hands to effect the repairs.

So we will wait and see what the future brings for the PT! Will it LIVE or DIE?! Time will tell. Stay tuned film at 11!

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