Be Cool! Babe! Be Cool!


Faye Dean PT 2

Just Chillin

Since Faye Dean has not been going out a lot, a couple of times a week maybe, the PT developed a cooling issue. Basically a too cooling issue! I initially thought the coolant temp sensor was gonzo. The temp gauge was not even moving a little till 10 minutes into a drive. But on some further checking it turned out that the radiator was warmish and so were all the hoses. So i figured out that we may have a thermostat problem.

After getting a good one, a Stant Superstat, I decided to give it a go and replace it. The good part is that the housing is on top and relatively easy to get to. The down side is that the two bolts are cheesy 6MM buggers and the housing is plastic. After some gentle coaxing the two screws came out uneventfully. Great relief! Then after fishing out the old thermostat the problem was pretty obvious. The bridge holding the spring had broken so it was open all the time, super cooling. So in with the new one and a new seal and we are good to go. Heat comes up good and the gauge works as advertised. It was right all along.

So, with that fixed I can move on to getting the power steering pump replaced. Priced the pump, just need to save up enough pop bottles to get it done. Stay tuned!


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