Refurbishing the Cronco Ice Chest


Vintage Cronco cooler

There has finally been some progress from the last time I spoke about this box. Prior Cronco post

This vintage 50’s box needed some work to bring it around to use so I set on to getting that accomplished. After cleaning out the tub and removing all the fiberglass insulation I took some time to take out as many of the distortions on the shell bottom as possible. The curved edges were easily re-contoured using a large socket laid sideways into the contour and some careful tapping. I discovered some damage to the tub around the drain hole so I coated the damaged area inside and out with some JB weld. Purely functional not cosmetic so no biggie. Gotta wait for that to dry.

After a quick cleanup of the inside of the shell I set about cutting the sheet Styrofoam to the inner dimensions. Once cut a few dollops of RTV were sufficient to hold them in place. I fashioned a spacer for the drain from a short section of PVC. Once all the JB Weld has cured I can assemble the box. Then I can get to the project of repairing the cushioned top.  I already have a cool emblem to go on it so stay tuned for the next episode of “The Cronco Cooler“!



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