Redo of my Computer Room


Gee, now let me see, what should I do on my week off?

Oh I know I will strip all the trim out of the den / computer room and redo it! Yeah ! That’s it! And I will paint it another color while I am at it. Well that is exactly what I am doing. Got all the mouldings stripped out including the window stools. So now I get to fab all new inner and outer trim for the windows. Along with fixing a few flaws in the wall work. Mostly a skim coat and some sealer should get it way close.

The old color was a tan color. The new color is Prairie Grass, kinda a light green. Neutral and calming, so they say. We’ll see about that. For now it looks like it was a good choice. I have a new idea for the room that will let me display a bunch of my car posters and other stuff. Saw the idea implemented on the web in a room and it was way cool. got to get the trim in first and then play with the logistics of the chair rail feature. I think I have it figured out. In my mind at least. I will see if I  can pull it off for real in a bit.

I also downsized the computer furniture in order to fit what we are doing now. One PC is enough. I have the laptop so we are good. I swapped out the massive table for a smaller more compact computer desk. Free is good.  And it has all the features I need. I am going to keep the honkin’ white board just because! Make a great doodle board! Just ask Liam!

So I am ending the work for today. Got 2 walls done, painted and I will get the other two on the morrow. For now my hands hurt like hell and I have a hot Jet’s pizza and some cold beer online. For now I will rest and attack it in the morning.

Stay tuned! more to come.


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