More progress on Pair-A-Dice project


A little bit of motivation goes a long way!

After a bit of a break I get back into the 54 Ford project. I dug up a 6 tube stainless grill in my stash of accessories  and got busy finishing the front sheet metal so I could put it in. I did have to finish up a bit of cosmetic repair on the fender doglegs and a couple of other problem areas that needed attention. Then a quick scuff and shoot put a fresh coat of primer on all the major pieces of the front end. With the hood, fenders and grill lip all in a matching color it was now time to find all my clips and bolts to put it all back in place. It took a bit of remembering what I did with the hardware but I located the box of parts all in their own labeled baggies in the trunk.

I do have to admit that having bundled all the trim parts in labeled zip-lock baggies sure did make reassembling this a whole bunch easier. I learned a valuable lesson many years ago that a box of baggies and a permanent marker go a long way to eliminating a big bunch of frustration and aggravation on reassembly. So now it is a matter of getting some of the seals and gaskets to do it right but for the most part it is looking lots better!

It does appear that I may have “misplaced” my front bumper irons so ……. I will have to see if I can fab some myself or have to get some from one of my parts guys. Oh! Well! At least I can get the grille in some sort if installed.  So it is now in place and I can work on the details of getting it to set nice and solid.

Stay tuned more to come. BzeroB


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