Labor Day is just that! A day of labor


The so called Labor Day weekend holiday gave me some time to relax so to speak. And I did a car show yesterday and had the kids and grand kids over for a get together and cook out.  Nice evening of food and fun. Well, today was another matter. Enough of this relaxing stuff! There is work to be done!

More work on the Pair-A-Dice project

In reality it was a project I had been planning for a while and just got around to it. A repaint in prime for the hood, fenders and trim lip on the 54. A lot of the fill and finish work had been done previously but they were all in various states of color and finish. So I set out to correct that. The fenders went first with a scuff and wipe. Then a shot of primer. Then a 360 wet scuff and a second coat. Alternating between the two gave me the set time between coats. Then the hood. One big ole bugger but since I was working alone I unbolted it and wrestled it off the hinge plate and on to the paint bench. No small feat but I managed it. Then the same treatment with a scuff and shoot, scuff and shoot. In between shoots I was able to prep and shoot the lip trim.

Thumbs Up!

After all was  done and set up I set them all in their resting place on the car. Without bolting them down and decided to call it a day. A quick clean up and rummage around in the garage and I was actually ready to stop for the day.  My hands are about wore out so off to the medicine chest for some meds and then to the patio for a sit down.

Another day will be the reassembly of the front tub area with all new fasteners and adjustment of the hood to fit down right.  I will have to find all my hardware so there may be a delay but at least it is all the same color. For now!


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