My “new” vintage Cronco cooler


I now have another vintage cooler that I picked up today while rummaging through a local flea market vendor. It is a Cronco cooler with a blue top and sailfish on it that I found out is a very common cooler for the 40/50/60’s. This one I found buried under a pile of women’s shoes. After digging it out and doing the required haggling over the price I ended up getting it for $7.00!

I got it back to the house and proceeded to give it a once over and for the most part it was in pretty good condition. The top has a couple of rips in it so it will probably get a reupholster in some sort of vinyl yet to be determined.  Since it is a sit-on style cooler it had some indenting on the bottom and so I started the disassembly to make it right.

But a simple unscrewing of the drain plug and the inner shell came right out. I removed the aged fiberglass insulation and once that was cleaned out with a quick pass of a brass brush I got to the business of getting the base section back to some semblance of its original form.  A rubber mallet on a bath towel laid over a granite table top gave me the surface I needed to get it back right. A simple series of mallet blows in a back and forth pattern brought it right back. Just awesome. So now I will replace the old fiberglass mat with some sheet Styrofoam insulation. and I may even reinforce the bottom with some thin plywood. But for the most part it is ready to reassemble.

I did remove the damaged sailfish decal from he face of the cooler so I will have to find some sort of vintage trim to go on it in its place. I am sure we can come up with something. We shall see.

Vintage Cronco cooler

So for now it is awaiting final reassembly and new trim but it is intact. Stay tuned!


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