Progress on the Pair-A-Dice project – August


54 Ford Lowrider Project

Well the Woodward Dream Cruise has come and gone. The Harper Cruise in in the books. The end of the cruise season in metro Detroit is upon us.  As usual the 65 did well all cruise season and the updated two-tone paint scheme was a big hit and a wonderful change of pace after 23 years. Now the fall festivals are all around us. We can relax now. Go to a festival, show off our cars and enjoy ourselves.

Or is it?!

Billetproof, the Woodward Dream Cruise and the Hamtramck Hustle have all diverted my interest back to the 54 Pair-A-Dice project. Along with some very pointed criticism and motivation by my son and others I have gotten  some renewed energy to get some work done. So it begins anew.

I actually have the front fenders modified and am putting on the finishing skim coats of filler to finalize the fender profiles. No biggie but I haven’t done any glassing or filler work in about a year. So I jumped back in and did the filling and finishing on the dog legs and front drop section. Coming along nicely.  If I can keep up the pace I should be able to shoot the fenders and hood into prime and get them mounted.

There is some brake and fuel plumbing to complete so there are things to do. After seeing the rat rods and “unfinished” versions of the 52-54 Fords at the various events I am actually motivated again. So as long as my hands can hold out I will make a good go of it! Stay tuned!


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