What the heck is a “Cargasm”!


The Gospel According to Bob reads like this.

Car-gasm [verb] – pronounced Khar-ghazim The feeling a gearhead gets from working for a whole year to  become a working piece in the mix of a million people and 50,000 cars. Also see Ohrghazim.  The same thing only for boats! Best I can do ,Folks!

Did I really say that? Actually, Yes, I did!

Now I know what you are asking, Exactly is a “cargasm” and how can I get one! Good question. Well, let me premise this with an excerpt from a blog article written by The Detroit Bureau about the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Here is the clip

“This is car-gasm,” laughs Bob Motter, of Oak Park, Michigan, who is already out on the Wednesday night before the official Cruise in a ’67 Mustang complete with a pair of giant fuzzy dice he carries in a luggage rack on the back deck.

“We never expected this,” gapes Motter, one of the members of the original Dream Cruise steering committee, back in 1995.  “It was supposed to be a one-time fundraiser, but our plans went sidewise” In this case, in a positive direction”

This is where I may need to explain. I was accosted on the street by a photographer and an editor for The Detroit Bureau after they saw my car cruising around and managed to hunt me down in the cruise melee.

It was actually a very great time having my picture taken and being asked for my comments on the whole Dream Cruise phenomenon. I guess I just blurted it out during the interview. And I guess I didn’t consider the possibility of it being quoted and attributed to me! Well, it was and I did!

Fred and Friend enjoying the “Cargasm”

Looking back on the whole scenario all I can say is that I was kind of surprised that they walked by a couple of wicked radical customs to see me and Fred! And the result was very gratifying. I am not a glory hound by any means just an ordinary [kinda] guy who likes cars, a lot. And actually Fred was the first photo shot by the way. I am thrilled to get any press.

But in this case you could just say it was “CARGASMIC“!


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