WDC Vacation Day 6 – Friday


Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Just one more day to Dream Cruise Saturday!

Spent a good part of the morning prepping the car for tomorrows display in the Ford sponsored Mustang Alley on 9 Mile in Ferndale.  Pretty much ready to go. I did manage to get out on the street early and cruise the route from Pontiac to Ferndale.  Made a stop at 13 and Woodward for the Heritage Park car show. Checked in with my buddy Dana from Cruis’News.  Lots of cool cars and vendors on display.

While I was roaming the grounds I had the pleasure to meet a group from Texas with a new company called PartingOut.com. It is a new site for buying and selling auto parts for classics and others. It was a great talk and I must say I was very impressed and will be using them myself.

After that I headed down to Ferndale for the Emergency Vehicle show and to wander through the Ford display. After getting some pics aI called it a day to try and get some down time in before 6AM on Saturday!

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