The Woodward Dream Cruise – Ferndale Mustang Alley


Woodward Dream Cruise 2012


Man, 6AM sure does come early!

Well…this is it folks ! The big day all of this cruisin and hangin has led up to. The weather report was for a spectacular cool day!  So I gotta grab the keys and head out to the staging area at Hilton and 9 Mile. Got there early enough to be almost the first one there. A few other cars are already onsite. But it was plenty of time to walk across the street to 7-11 and get a much needed LARGE cup of coffee.

Soon after that the staging kluge began. With over 700 Mustangs slated to be on display it got silly pretty fast. Within a short time they were lined up for blocks in all three other directions from the designated entry area. Once they opened the gates I ended up as the first one through because I was not “with” any group and wasn’t group parking . Soooooo .. I was FRONT ROW! The first guy in line. Primo spot and at the front. And with a quick wipe down and arrangement of Fred and the other stuff it was off to get some breakfast.

WDC12 - Mustang Alley 009

Front Row! Sun coming up

I stopped in at Hambo’s Coney Island a couple of blocks up on Woodward for some eggs and hash browns, and MORE COFFEE! So then I wandered back over to Mustang Alley for a day of calm relaxation in the middle of all the Dream Cruise mayhem! During this time I got a visit from a couple of friends who stopped by to check out my car and the happenings. My son, Steve, dropped in with my grandson, Liam, to check out Grandpa and the cars. So we walked around the festival for a bit and Liam even treated us to his version of the Dream Cruise right there in the parking lot! Sweeeet! The day was a perfect day for spectators and cars alike.

I did take my traditional [ 5 years now ] break for lunch at my friends at Zion Lutheran Church a few blocks south on Woodward. The dogs, chips and water are a nice break and always great to relax under the trees eat and listen to some acoustic music. For a while at least. After wandering about a 10 block area in and around  the Ferndale Festival it was back to Mustang Alley.

After hanging and wandering through the Mustangs for the rest of the afternoon I stayed till 7ish and then packed it in. Another great Dream Cruise and I am wore out! So it is back to the house, unload the stuff and download all the pics and write some blog pages. So there you have it. A week on Woodward, lots of cars, lots of cruising, lots of good friends, and one hell of a good time!

Some people don’t like it but I do! So there! Ready for next year!


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