WDC Vacation Day 5 -Thursday


Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Thursday – Aug 16

Kind of a lazy day of trying to relax for the big day Saturday.  So I went out on Woodward for a while noonish and then took a side trip later in the afternoon to stop in Ferndale. Wanted to take a look at the preparations for the Friday / Saturday event.

My friends at Zion Lutheran Church on Woodward have their hot dog and bottled water sign up already for the weekend festivities. I am their first customer EVER when they started it 5 years ago. So I still make sure to stop in and say Hello each year.

Back in Ferndale Ford is getting all their displays up and all the manufacturers displays are in place and being built. The sound stage is up and running. Let the music begin! All the food vendors and others are in place for the festival. Some are up others are building. So after a bit of music I retired for the day.

By the way, the huge Dodge display is at 13 and Woodward in Northwood Shopping Center. GM Motorsports is across the street in the park. I may visit tomorrow while I am out and about before the Ferndale Emergency Vehicle show.

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