WDC Vacation Day 4 – Wednesday


Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Wednesday – August 15
A really great day to go out and enjoy a cruise! After a morning of prep work and charging the battery for the music box, getting all the cameras ready to shoot, loading up the cooler, and securing the big dice to the rack it was just a matter of finding a place to land on Woodward for some relaxing fun. So, off I went with Fred to find a spot. Well, we ended up at a favorite spot at 12 1/2 and Woodward at an unoccupied medical building in rehab. I met a friend, Fred Drew, from Ontario there. We had met a couple of years earlier at the same location. So we settled in for the day. Canopy went up and the chairs were out beside the music box. Good to go. Later in the day a couple of my cruise buddies Dennis and Terry landed at the same location for a day of car watching. Sweet!

At a good spot to watch the cruise

Later in the day we/I were approached by a photographer and reporter for The Detroit Bureau. It appears that they had seen me on the street earlier and were trying to find where I was to talk about my car. Well, they found me and Fred and took some pics and got our info. Waiting to see the outcome. I was taken aback because they walked by a couple of wicked radical customs to get to me. Not that I mind, but I was thrilled.

So with that all said, take a look at the pics. More to come!

My picture albums


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