WDC Vacation Day 3 – Tuesday


Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Tuesday – August 14

Tough day but still a good one. Had a nasty episode with a tooth overnight and had to make some quick decisions. Headed to the tooth doc for an eval and subsequently was sent to an oral surgeon to have it removed. So all was done by 3ish and I was able to get me and my sore face out on Woodward by 4.  Hurt like hell before but it is frickin great now.

Yes, there were drugs involved, and NO I am not operating any heavy equipment! So it was not a problem.

Fred volunteered to drive but that didn’t work out because …. he can’t reach the pedals! So I went ahead and drove. So we had a great time and Northwood was packed.

Yep!b I made it!

My picture albums

Stay tuned more on the way!


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