WDC Vacation Day 1 – Sunday


Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

As you may or may not, know the Woodward Dream Cruise is kinda my annual grail. And so every day is a ever evolving event.

Sunday – August 12

The day started out with a trip over to my paint guy. The plan was to shoot my top on the 65 with the new Wimbledon White. Spent time prepping and masking off the top and Terry went ahead and shot it. It came out awesome! And the color is actually correct for that year car so it is a match made in the Ford color book! That brought us around to after noonish.

The finished job

Waiting some time for everything to kick and some detail work clearing some overspray I went ahead and started the hand killing work of waxing the car for the week on the street. Didn’t do the whole car but got all the important stuff. With tat done, read that as much as my hands could take, I decided to take it out for a spin on Woodward.

Northwood – Woodward and 13

Gave me a chance to show off the new paint and get in some time on the street. So with that done and some wet weather rolling in I headed back to the house and parked it for the evening.

That’s all for now!


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