Show off your top! The right way!


What I mean is … I am repainting the top of my 65 Mustang coupe.

I have been in this design evolution on this car for about 23 years now. And since it was done that many years ago I must admit I did a decent job on it paint wise. Except that I didn’t exactly do well on the top. So over the decades the top has been beaten up pretty bad with the sun at the shows and the covers while in storage. So after evaluating and mentally laboring over whether to repaint the whole car or just the top, I decided to just do the top.

With that decision out of the way I had to work out the logistics of how to get it to come out and look like it belonged there. I decided to use the C pillar trim from a vinyl topped Mustang as a divider for the top paint. Once I acquired the trim it was affixed to the car after some finagling of the mounting system. Then it was a matter of deciding what color should I use. That was a community effort to try to narrow down the possibilities. After doing a test run of basic white it was a unanimous decision to go with it. Then when it came time to get the paint we settled on the Ford original Wimbledon White. Not a really bright white but an off white that actually was a 65 color. So that was that.

Then the next step was jostling and matching our schedules to match and Sunday AM was the spot. I headed over to the painter early in the AM and we proceeded to get it done. It came out awesome! We have a couple of hiccups in the clear but they are going to be corrected as soon as it all kicks in a couple of days. No biggie, a good wet sand and it should be ready for prime time on Saturday!

Stick a fork in us! We are done!

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