Construction be damned! The Cruise Is On!


Downriver Cruise

The Downriver cruise was a fun day on Fort Street. I got there early to scout out the route and to see what exactly the  construction was going to impede. Well after a tour of the route it was easy to see that late in the day with only 2 lanes open that the cruise could get a bit interesting from a traffic standpoint. The early tour also made it readily apparent that none of the turnaround s were stop lighted. Just a free for all. But with that being said they were well marked and well done.

The up side for spectators was a the slower traffic would give you a better view of the passing cars. All in all it was a fun time and a very enjoyable day out cruisin. Took a break noonish for a Subway and a much needed AC break. After hanging out in the cool AC for a bit I continued cruisin. Stopped in to see my buddy Dana from CRUIS’NEWS who was set up down on the south end of the route. I also stopped by the Advance Auto Parts store on fort Street. They were great as usual and very helpful.

Unfortunately I had to call it quits a bit earlier than I expected due to a wicked charlie horse developing in my left leg. Clutch leg, Bad!  Bad! But still had a super time all in all. Picks are up in a couple of spots. Pick your poison.

Two weeks to get prepped for the next big cruise so stay tuned!


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