Junk in the trunk – 70 trunk rewire


Well, It’s really not a junky trunk. Just a cleanup for the rewire of the car.

The 70 taillight housings are huge and there is only 1 lamp for the whole unit. Not a bad thing just not the best.  As an upgrade for the rewire I acquired a 3 lamp insert for the 70 taillight. It was in stock at NPD [National Parts Depot] so on my last run over there I picked up a set. It is a simple bolt in add on to give the housing three 1157 lamps where there was just 1. I just got around to it today so I pulled out both housings and did a quick scuff and clean before some paint. I used white header paint to color the bucket and the outer shell got a coat of black. After that was dry I reassembled the units and planted them back in the trunk.

Then I had to figure out how I wanted to use the three lamps. I decided to use two of the three lamps as stop lights. And the third would be the usual running and turn signal. I wanted the baddest stop lights I could get and to do that I combined both elements of the inner and outer 1157 lights to make a big, bad stoplight!

After a bit of unraveling the rear harness I was able to get it laid out the way I wanted and integrate the wiring for the dedicated stoplights and grounds fro the new light assemblies. I ran a new dedicated stop feed from the stoplight switch through the harness to the back lights Actually the same feed used for  a third eye stoplight. I will probably put in 2 wire disconnects for the marker units and the center light units. Need more supplies to complete this part. For another day I guess.

[Squeaky Toy link]


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