My new ASUS laptop


ASUS laptop

After having access to a handful of loaner laptops I finally broke down and got one just for me. I don’t need a killer unit just needed a good full featured unit. And a bit of shopping around got me on to a refurbished ASUS unit. And it came in under my $300 budget! Excellent!

This one has all the neat stuff. Wireless N, media card reader, and a webcam built in. So after getting it home I was able to get it outfitted the way I want it.  I am really not a big fan of all the goofy extra “trialware” that they bundle in. Along with the normal McAfee or Symantic antivirus that are not only resource hogs but subscription trials. So that went away along with a bunch of Windows 7 baggage. I reloaded in mostly open source stuff that I have used for years and I am good.

So now I can head out to the patio and check up on email and social networks. Even watch a vid or two while I am there. Car shows will be nicer to be able to download the pics and vids and see them live. So we shall see.


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