70 Mustang front harness build and install – Part 2



This morning is a final fitting and install of the new front light harness. With the turn /running light system completed I finished up the headlight harness with my new headlight sockets. Once they were in then came the fun part of figuring out how to run and fit the harness into the car. After getting things arraigned in a close fashion to where they would land I decided to cover it all in black wire loom for protection and looks. It also makes troubleshooting way easier than if it is wrapped! That done I was able to fish it all where I wanted and fix it in place. It took a bit of finagling but I got it in. I can adjust it tomorrow if need be.

Have to work later so I will do a prove out on the wiring tomorrow just to make sure everything is as it was planned. Lots of connections and you never know! I think I got it right but we shall see.

Stay tuned and keep a fire extinguisher handy!


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